How to create a multi-update records in one form

I want to save multiple records with one submission.
I try to sucess by using an action.
The problem is that action refers to the first of severall records. I don’t know how to collect the others selected records.
Any help is appreciated !

You can try setup a custom action with multiple steps.

Thanks for answer !
Do you have an example ?

Does each row in your first table correspond to a row in the order? And now you want to submit them all as a combined order?

Each Row in the first list will create a new record in the second table.
(The input list represents a part of the first table :
The customer selects a product then he selects the wanted sizes and quantities for the selected product).

Same thing i’m looking.
Any solution?


For a free plan,
the standard option is to use the action editor.
The constraint is that the input datas must be stored in the same unique row.

With a pro plan
you can remove this constraint by using a combination of glide api + application.
See this topic
Add multiple rows from a column typ multiple Relations

With a business plan
Just use advanced features of glide’s api.