Require students to add name before using app material

This is for a classic app: on an app with course material that I am allowing my students to use, they can independently register / login with their email. But I also want to ask them to add their name before they can see the material (so I know who they are). If I enter their names in the user list this is easy - I just make the scrren only visible to people whose name is not blank. Can you tell me an easy way to allow them to complete the name column after log in with their email.



Create one screen with a visibility condition “User Profile → Name is empty”, and give them a text input on that screen to enter their name. Make sure the source of the screen is your User Profiles table and filter by “email is signed in user”. Set the opposite visibility condition (“User Profile → Name is not empty”) on all other tabs.

Got it. Thanks

Actually, I just realised that won’t quite work, because as soon as they type the first character the screen will disappear - oops :grimacing:

So what you’ll need to do instead is add a button to that screen with a Show Edit Screen action. Then it will work correctly :+1:

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I just implemented this and it worked great:


Thanks again

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