Request To All Community Members

Dear Community Members,

It is my humble request to mention your post is belongs to Glide App or Glide Page or Glide Data Editor. It will be a great help to all members.

Sorry, l don’t get you.
Could you explain, please?

Screen shot is attached with highlighted image. I was talking about highlighted image.
Uploading: Screenshot_2022-01-18_144205.jpg…

I agree, to mention in the title if is pages because is not interested in most of us… (or it will redirect attention), but you can easily figure it out if someone talks about editor or not

Isn’t this what “Categories” are for?

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This is regarding on creation of New Project, it will ask to select Glide App or Glide Pages.

I assume you mean the posts here in the forum, we already have a specific category for Glide Pages, as @kyleheney said.

Though, sometimes when people report bugs/ask questions, they still don’t specify it’s App or Pages in their category or post. I hope this will be the norm in the future.


There are several posts I observed where it is required to mentioned the post is belongs to Glide App or Glide Pages.