Replicate beautiful app & screen designs

The topic of app design comes up quite often. For instance in the Beautiful Design App topic.

To help me (because I am no designer), I have started using Mobbin. Mobbin is a library of mobile design patterns.

We can observe standard and beautiful designs that renowned apps have created, replicate them or at the very least learn from them.

What I like with Mobbin is the ability to filter the examples of design patterns

  • by app categories: business, education, entertainment, finance, food & drink, …
  • by pattern screens: onboarding, content, displaying data, social, media, e-commerce, …
  • by pattern elements: what we call “components” in Glide.

Design patterns you will find in Mobbin cannot necessarily be replicated in Glide, but I find these design patterns helpful and hope they might come in handy to you too.


Great find!

It takes a little getting used to the filtering system, but it’s worth digging.

Thanks for sharing!

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Nice. thanks!! Next step in my app once I have everything in place.