Rename delete button


I know that it is not suggestive to use, however it is working, changing the description of the “delete item” button, an unconventional w

ay of renaming.

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Awesome, Roberto!

I wish Glide shared with us all CSS and HTML classes so advanced users can play with the UI/UX.
I know it’s kinda problematic, but do you have any plans on doing that? @Mark @david @JackVaughan :stuck_out_tongue:

I used the same script and additionally changed the background color of the button to a different one.

For those who wants to copy the script, you can find it here.


Just remember that HTML is not officially supported, and if it get’s being un-supported, you’ll have to update your app.


Yep, that saddens me :frowning:

I hope some day Glide natively supports CSS/HTML customization and Javascript add-ons, that would be mind-blowing. Though, it would need to have strict security policies.