Remove www. & .com

Hi, I am trying to remove the remove any text before the first “.” and after the second “.” so that becomes websitename

Could someone help me as I couldn’t get it to work with a template function


Try the following in a JavaScript column:

return p1.split('.')[1];

Use the URL as a replacement for p1

That is great. the only issue is where the www. does not exist in the website. I was thinking of using an if-then-else to check for the www. existing and then another javascript colum that removes the characters after the first “.”

See the item second from bottom

or do you have a better suggestion and if you think this would be best then could you help me with the javascript for this removal.


return p1.match(/www/) ? p1.split('.')[1] : p1.split('.')[0];

But beware that if you’re likely to have other variations, the above might break in different ways.

understood but thank you for helping me for now.

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