How should I apply a sequence if text/string conversions?

I need to clean/normalize urls that are copy/pasted by users from popular websites like IMDb, Yelp, and Amazon.

Below are the cleanups I am aware of.

In Bubble, I did this with a series of regexs that fed into each other in sequence.

In Glide, do I just chain together several text manipulation columns in my Glide table? I’d like to do this as efficiently as possible.

Required cleaning:

      • Strip away any chars including and after "/ref="
      • Strip away any chars that exist before "“https:” (it happens)
      • Strip away all URL params so any chars including and after?
      • Lowercase what’s left
      • Trim leading/trailing chars from what’s left

It sounds like you want the Get Part of URL column.

Then use Transform JSON to assemble the cleaned parts:


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