Removing all numbers from a sentence

Hello I am trying to use the Java Script to grab all phone numbers and or emails from a description text. I can’t seem to get the function right any guidance for help here from the community?

function removePhoneNumbersAndEmails(text) {
  const phoneRegex = /(\+\d{1,2}\s?)?(\()?(\d{3})(?(2)\))[-.\s]?(\d{3})[-.\s]?(\d{4})\b/g;
  const emailRegex = /\b[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z|a-z]{2,}\b/g;

  // Remove phone numbers
  text = text.replace(phoneRegex, '');

  // Remove email addresses
  text = text.replace(emailRegex, '');

  return text.trim();

// Test the function with an example text
const text = `
  This is a sample text.
  You can contact me at +1 (123) 456-7890 or
  Please reach out to p1 for more information.

const result = removePhoneNumbersAndEmails(text);

You can fix this issue by using google sheets functions.

This function hides all contact information

=REGEXREPLACE(A2, “\b(?:\d\s?){9}\b|\b(?:+?\d{1,2}\s?)?(?:(\d{3})|\d{3})[-.\s]?\d{3}[-.\s]?\d{4}\b|\b\d+\s+[\w\s]+,\s+[\w\s]+,\s+[\w\s]+”, “[hidden]”)

This Gsheet functione is better:

Hides the following:
Curse words
Phone numbers

=ArrayFormula(IF(A2:A=“”, “”, REGEXREPLACE(A2:A,“\b(?:\d\s?){9}\b|\b(?:+?\d{1,2}\s?)?(?:(\d{3})|\d{3})[-.\s]?\d{3}[-.\s]?\d{4}\b|\b\d+\s+[\w\s]+,\s+[\w\s]+,\s+[\w\s]+|((?:https?|ftp)://)?[\w-]+(.[\w-]+)+([\w.,@?^=%&:/~+#-]*[\w@?^=%&/~+#-])?|\b[A-Za-z0-9._%±]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+.[A-Za-z]{2,}\b|\b(?:Cunt|nigger|Nigger|Fuck|Pussy|Bitch|Boobs|Nig|nig|Bitch|Steal|steal|liar|thief|fuck|pussy|bitch|cracker|tits|boobs|…)\b”, “[hidden]”)))

Please try this to see if it works for your case.

I would try to move as many functions as possible to Glide’s computed columns instead of Google Sheets.

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