How to extract only the numbers from a cell that has both text and numbers?

For example, imagine I have a cell that contains the following text:

Pasta $2.50, Hot Dog $5.00, Pizza $7.00…

I would like a cell that gives me the following result:

2.50, 5.00, 7.00…

That is, a cell that extracted all the letters automatically and left only the numbers, periods and commas. It is possible?

Try running it through a math column. I think that might strip out the text and keep it as a number.

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Use the Replace All column with the following regular expression:


and replace it with nothing.

PS. Jeff - taking the question literally (a joined list in a single column), the math column approach doesn’t work.


Good point. I was assuming one item per row.


It worked, thank you very much!

One more doubt…

It would be possible to do something similar to extract all other characters (such as commas and periods) so that only the numbers remain.

As in the case of the previous list:

Pasta $2.50, hot dog $5.00, pizza $7.00

I would like a cell with the following result:


That is, extract any other type of character or letter, leaving only a large number. It would be possible?

Yes, just modify the regular expression as follows:



Perfect! Thank you one more time!