Relationship of transaction history related to type of currency and person

Hello, help please!!
I’m making a relationship where an account has several types of currencies (USD; Euros, Yen, etc) (1:M) and each currency has historical movements. The relationship to present the movements by currency doing a search entering the account to see which currencies have already achieved, but once I access the currency I can not see their historical movements. What type of relationship should I generate in this case?

I have 4 tables, the people table, the currency table, the portfolio table (where I relate people and currencies) and the historical table

In the history table I am storing the ID of the person and the currency, with the data of the transaction, date and amount

as you can see in the image, when I select the coin I get the data of all the coins, not the one that corresponds :frowning:

Thanks for your support

I already solved the problem using unique identifiers , now, the problem I have is that when I want to register a new currency, I use a selection box but the value it brings me is not the unique identifier but the text that the user sees from the existing moneys!How can I make it so that it brings me the value of the unique identifier and not the text? Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, that is one big thing missing from the choice component. It’s been requested before, but you can add your case the the feature requests.

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I didn’t find that concept - allow key display pairs - in the wish list. :frowning:

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