Relationship between Airtable and Glide

I’m new to Glide. All of my data is stored in Airtable. What’s the relationship between Airtable and Glide? How is information synced (or not synced) between the two? I’m building an athlete database. I have about 50 athletes in the database right now just to test things out. I’ve noticed that sometimes an athlete’s profile is duplicated. I’m not sure why. I don’t know what’s happening on Glide that is triggering the same athlete to be duplicated in Airtable. I need each athlete’s profile to be unique because I’ll be sharing the profile links with the athletes themselves. But if there are two (or three, four, etc.) profiles for the same person that will be a problem.

Are those rows in your Users table? If yes, do they have the same email?

I haven’t done anything with the users table in glide. I’ve only used airtable.

But is that “athlete database” configured as your User Profiles table in Glide?

Everything is being pulled from airtable.

I’m referring to this.

If you have configured the Athletes table as a User Profiles table, there might be a problem with Glide on creating new profiles upon login.

Otherwise, I guess the question is how are you adding the rows to that Athletes table. Via Glide, or via something else.