Relations based on dates not working as expected

I have created a nice app using multiple relations to link row items across sheets.
However, I have discovered that the relation columns do not update their content upon addition of new elements!
Is it correct? If that is the case, I think it would be a software bug worth fixing; we need this relation column to populate dynamically.

Any help is welcome!


Can you show some screenshots of how you currently set up the relations? Thank you.

I am having the same problem. I have my relation setup and added information to my sheet. The data is not updating on the app.

Can someone make a video demonstrating the issue? Does your data contain whitespace, making it not match? E.g. "David " is not the same as “David”.

In my case the bug is when relating dates. I have also found out it does not even relates all the dates of the original data. It worked with dates of Aug, but not Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec, except 10Sep2020…!
I have tried to give the same formatting to both the dates column, but that did not work either.

I have verified that a column relating strings of names works and updates fine.

It’s possible that even with the date formatting, that it’s still comparing the time portion of the date as well. The times may not be matching, even though it’s the same day and you are only viewing the date due to the formatting. Try creating template columns of the formatted dates and then using the templates for the relation.

Do you mean transform the date into something more unique on both sheets and then relate them?

No, I mean create a template column in the glide data editor, on both sheets, fill it with the date column value (essentially a duplicate of the date), then use the new template columns for your relation.

btw, that is the issue. If I align the time as well from both dates, the relation works. At this point, is there a way in the data entry of a date not to have to indicate a time (or have an invisible default time set)?

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Do what I mentioned above and it will work. Also, if you use a Date Entry component instead of the Date/Time Entry component, it should default the time to 12:00am I believe.

It indeed worked, thanks!
now I’ll try it on my real app (I was working on a test app)


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