Relation based on date columns

Hello to everyone!

I have a problem trying to make relation between two Date columns at the different spreadsheet tabs. When I try to relate two other columns, which are texts, from the same spreadsheet tabs, everything works well.

Both date columns are formatted in the same way using glide data formatting tool and spreadsheets formatting.

I will be very grateful for any ideas on the reasons of the problem!

I have understood that the problem is in the time component. One of the colums is based on special value - current date/time. And the other one is just date choice. That is why they are not matched using the Relationship column.

However, I don’t know how to decide this problem based on internal glide data instruments. Spreasheet functions are not okey for me because I need to do real-time calculations based on the columns.

Are there any ideas on how to take only date from date/time special value using internal data instruments?

Only way I’ve gotten special value > timestamp to work as you’re describing is to use a spreadsheet formula (=text() to be specific).

Thank you, I have forgotten about this formula! It has helped