Date/Date-Time entry don't recognize Date/Date-Time column

Take a look on End Date Agendar and the date I’m tryna schedule in second screen :point_down: they’re exactly the same.

In Data Editor I’m tryna do a relation to see, but it can’t recognize it as the same date-time…


I’ve already setup the column in google sheet, tried to setup in data editor and keep it like this.


In my Space Schedule when I click on the date, appears like this :point_down: could be something about how’s date is shown up in glide?



@Mark could be something about how’s date is shown up in glide?

Are both dates on each side of the relation using the underlying ISO format timestamp, or is one of the dates typed in manually into the sheet and the other one entered through the app?

I’m thinking you could create a template of the date to lock in the formatting on one or both dates and then use the template for the relation.

No, Jeff… first is a Date entry, and the second is when i submit the form

I also tried that, and no success

@mark did i miss something??

@Lucas_Pires is End Date Agendar in Glide only?

Yes, it’s user-specific

@Lucas_Pires this might work. there’s a comma in Glide’s short date/time formatting that causes a hiccup.

Set the Display on the EndDateAgendar user specific column to Date only / short. Then duplicate it with math column (m_EndDateAgendar) and set the Display to Time Only / Without secs. Do a template column to join both (tpl_EndDateAgendar). In sheets, use the below formula on the End Date:

={"End Date V2";ARRAYFORMULA((IF(LEN(T2:T) = 0, "", text(T2:T,"M/DD/YYYY H:MM AM/PM"))))}

End Date V2 should now match with tpl_EndDateAgendar and give you a relation :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thanks @Rasha
But I’d like a way to do it without using formulas :slightly_frowning_face:

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