Relation with Condition


How can i make a multiple relation but with condition?
For example: I have a list of “Inspection report”
Model | Inspection Type | Date
Model 1 | Daily | 1/2/2021
Model 1 | Quarter 1 | 2/4/2021
Model 2 | Quarter 1 | 1/3/2021

Another list that i have is “Service Due”
Model | Latest Date | Latest Inspection Type
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3

I want the “Latest date” and the “Latest Inspection Type” is from the list but except if the inspection type "Daily"

Do you guys have any idea how?

In your first table, create an if-then-else column:

  • If Inspection Type is Daily, then blank (empty)
  • Else Inspection Type

Now use that column to create the multi-relation to your second table.

Ops sorry but i want to them relation on model no.
Because second table appear only by model

Model 1 - Latest date - latest inspection type
Model 2
Model 3

Okay, so do the same thing, except use Model.

  • If Inspection Type is Daily, then blank (empty)
  • Else Model

Like that

hehe thanks Darren:)