Could Get a Reference Column in Same Table into a IF-Else Column

Dear Community

We are trying to get a column date into a IF-Else relation column but in vain. In the same table:

  1. Some Records are HQ records i.e ID is HQ
  2. Some Records are related to the above HQ as subsidiary
  3. If HQ has a Contract Start Date, those related Records contract start date will follow.

The above is a lookup on Contract/Subsidiary Follow HQ Contract Start Date

However in the IF-ELse column we are not able to get the above dates

Why is the dates empty when it is showing the rightful?

Thanks for any advise in advance!

It looks like your relation is a multiple relation, so your lookup column is returning an array of all dates.
If you’re expecting just a single date value from the lookup, then your relation column needs to be a single relation.



Didn’t notice that! Resolved!

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