Relation for registration - need help

I would like to create an app for registration.
The problem is I ceate relation in User table, Registration and event but it is not working.
The final statement I would like to get is for 1 user multiple registration. For an envent, multiple users and registration…
Thank you

Do you have row owners enabled in your user table?

In this case you need 3 tables

  1. User Table
  2. Events
  3. Registrations

Make a relationship between User Table and Registration table to see what events each user has registered

Make a relationship between Events table and Registration table to see the list of users attending an event.

Everytime when a user registers for an event, you need to create a row in Registrations Table with EventID and UserID. That will help you make relationships.

That won’t work. If the User table has row owners applied, then unowned rows will not exist on a Users device. Adding relations won’t magically make them appear.

The OP either needs to remove row owners (assuming they are present), or create a separate Public Profiles table with no row owners.

Thank you Guys.
I do not have owner ID in the users table.
I will review my tables with your comment and let you knowm what is the issue.

If you can’t figure it out, then if you can show us screen shots of your tables from the Data Editor, and how you are configuring the relation, then we can probably help.

I meant to tell them to remove it if they have enabled it. :smiley:

Hi Guys,
Thank you for your reply. With your help I have finally succeeded to record registration to event and users.
Now, I a am facing another problem because I person can registrer twice or more to the same event…Rrrrrrh
I tried some conditons when trying to regiser but it does not work.

here you are some pics :

If you see something wrong, or should be different, let me know.


Can you show me a screen shot of your registrations table please?

Most likely you just need to create a Query column from your users table, and then prevent submission when that isn’t empty. If I can see the structure of the table, I can probably give some more specific guidance.

here you are the eregistration table :slight_smile:

Create a query in your events table, target the participations table and filter by:

  • Event ID is this row > Row ID
  • Email is signed-in user

If the query is not empty, hide the registration button.


I tried to do this but seams not working.
Note that I manually wrote “signed-in user” because I do not see a possible selection for this.

and as you can see, I can register twice or more.

Do it like this

You should see an option like this. Can you check again?