Cant get relations to work

hi, trying to set this up but cant getting to work ,are my tables correct?

Members Table

  • Columns: Email (Unique Identifier), Name, (other member details as needed)
  • Description: Identifies members uniquely by their email.

Mastermind Events Table

  • Columns: Event Name, Event Month
  • Description: Defines mastermind events. Each event is uniquely identified by its name and the month it’s held in.

Pods Table

  • Columns: Pod Name, Event Name (links to Mastermind Events), Pod Date, Event Type (name), Max Attendees
  • Description: Specifies details about each pod, including its type. The Event Name column links a pod to its corresponding mastermind event, ensuring that the event’s scope encompasses various types of meetings.

Pod Registrations Table

  • Columns: Email (links to Members), Pod Name (links to Pods)
  • Description: Tracks which member has registered for which pod, using the member’s email and the pod name as linking identifiers.

Tasks Table

  • Columns: Email (links to Members), Pod Name (links to Pods), Task Description, Due Date, Status
  • Description: Associates tasks with members and their registered pods. Tasks are visible only to the member who created them, and status updates are personal.

Accountability Partners Table

  • Columns: Pod Name (links to Pods), Member 1 Email, Member 2 Email
  • Description: Matches two members within the same pod as accountability partners, facilitating peer support and progress tracking.

Basically a user should be able to select a event and sub-event then register for it, but I cant seem to get this flow working

any guidance would be much appreciated

I think this is an ok approach, but I would consider using a rowID instead of events for a completely safe unique key.

When you say “event” and “sub-event”, I assume you mean “Mastermind Events” and “Pods”? Or is it something else?

yes Mastermind events and pods

So do you have another table where you store these registrations? Or do you plan to store them all in Pod Registrations?

That is what I’m not sure about. I think they should be in pod registrations. but what I’m getting confused on is look-ups and relations, when I make them they don’t seem to pull any information

If each pod is linked to a mastermind event, I think you can just register the pod registration. You’ll be able to link back to the mastermind event of that pod through a relation.

Pod Registrations: Email of user, Pod ID, Relation to Pods Table using the ID, Lookup to bring back the Mastermind Event ID.

If you want to count the number of registrations for each mastermind event and pod, then you can create appropriate relations using the IDs from those tables to the IDs in the Pod Registrations table, and use rollup columns to count the number of registrations.

Thank you, I’m new to all this so get confused with IDs. Are these added automatically if so whats the setting or do we add them in manually? I don’t fully understand relational with id?

The ID in a “parent” table should be added by adding a rowID column inside that table.

For child tables, when you create a new record, submit the parent table’s rowID alongside other fields by using a screen value. This should show on your left-hand side panel inside a form environment, or on your right-hand side panel > additional columns if you use a form container.


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