Rejected as a nonprofit - why?

Hi, I’m new here and have been trying to apply for the special pricing as a nonprofit, but I am confused about Glide’s definition of nonprofits.
More details; I work at a public hospital in Denmark. All healthcare in Denmark is free because it is tax-financed, but managed locally. My confusion starts with Glide’s application form being for non-profits and schools (NGO is not mentioned). I believe that my hospital fits into the framework of a non-profit organization, but my application was rejected, based on the tax funding and therefore the hospital is considered to be a government agency, but still - I did not apply as a NGO but as a nonprofit.
I don’t know if anyone can help me understand, but does Glide consider non-profit organizations and NGO the same? In that case, it is not clear from their application form.
I have asked Glide’s chatbot and was told that a government funded hospital is considered a non-profit organization and should be considered for the special pricing.
Can someone please explain why my application was rejected and reduce my confusion?
Sincerely, a very confused newbie.

I don’t have insights on how Glide considers which is a non-profit organization, but please take the bot’s words with a pint of salt. It can hallucinate info very easily.