Reinstall homescreen app


I am new to glide. Yesterday when I was working on my app I had a shortcut on my desktop and today I don’t I was wondering if there is a way to get that back. When I open web-based glide I can open my app to work on it through my browser. I really want to use the home screen short. If anyone knows how to get it back I would be most grateful.


If you scan the QR code from the Share button in the editor and open it in a fresh mobile browser, you should see the option again…try that…

Hi Deena

Sorry I should have said I am doing this on my computer.

You can save it only as bookmark in your browser on your computer. You should be able to create that icon again on your phone. The instruction to save it to your phone should come up when you open the glide app url. Which phone and operating system (IOS/Android) are u using?

I will post a photo on how to install on your computer. Are you using a Mac?

Hi Navjeet

I am not using my phone, Using my computer

No, Windows 10 I believe. Thanks for the help.

So I only use Apple/iOS/Mac products and not familiar with PC/Windows, but perhaps similar. Here is a screenshot:

I see where you are saying to click and I did that yesterday. The problem today is that the little plus thing is not there.

looks like your menu will be different…see this and see if it helps.

Perfect Thanks so much Deena that worked wonderfully.

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