Hi, I have senario where user want to Register themself ,If their Name or Email in that Usertable then user can Access the Form . when they Register once in that Form. then user want to show other tabs,I want the flow like this, but I am not able to show any other tabs though they have Registered now ,how can do this.

One way is to add a new column in your user profile table “is complete”. Mark the column ‘true’ when they finish the form…

Now add visibility settings to the tabs when user profile “is complete” is true.

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@Eric_Penn Hi , Sorry for the confusion let me explain again the scenario is like this first we are adding the names & emails in the user table so that only those users whose email is in the user table can access the app through the pin sent to their email, now after that user opens the app for the first time he/she should register themselves giving more details & this form is also getting submitted to the same user table, now the problem is we already have their name & email in the user table and after registration again the same name and email is getting stored twice in the user table and we want to show all other tabs as soon as they register themselves through the form. please let me know way of handling this scenario.

They should be editing their existing row. Not adding a new row.

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Hi, the form details such as name & email is already existed in user table, when I register the form with existing email it shoud edit/overwrite the existed row with same name & emailI instead of adding new row. for same user.

Any suggestion for me would be great help

Show an Edit Screen or add entry components directly to a Detail screen. Just don’t use a form that is meant for Adding rows.