Regarding Approvals

We are building a sales app.


Sharing Quote on Email to Clients after taking approval from Admin

How we did:

We created dropdown for product selection in the app where sales rep select product. We map products with their cost using if and then formula. Then we map value with zapier and connect it wirh email.

Many times sales rep send wrong quotes since system is new to them, we need to setup a system where admin can see and approve quote rather sales rep sending directly

Hi @Adviuz

Have you tried the following:

  • Create roles: admin, sales rep
  • When the sales rep selects a product, an email is sent to the admin as a notification so the admin can check.
  • When the admin signs into the app and quote, only the admin sees a “Validate” button based on his role and visibility.
  • This button triggers Zapier and the email with the quote to the client.
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So in order to send email to admin, sales rep need to press any button or something.

It is the form submission from sales rep that would trigger the first zap. Then a switch/check box that triggers the second.

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