Recreate an Excell with advanced macros


A client asked me to turn his Excell into an app.

The app itself would be pretty easy, with a login for pre-registered users and a simple interface where to select some data from dropdowns and geolocation, that will give results based on a number of information in the Excell sheets.

Those results, however, are given through advanced macros inside the Excell, which is the point of my concern about actually building this app.

There is a way to import the Excell with all the macros and make the app working as the Excell file?

I might also consider hiring someone to build it.

You’d have to have to convert the Excel file to a Google Sheet, and then reimplement the Excel macro functions using Google Apps Script. Depending on how complex the macros are, this could be either a trivial or non-trivial exercise.

I’ve just been through this process myself, and it wasn’t too painful :slightly_smiling_face:


Google Sheet has also Macros and has a tool to record Macros too, very similar to Excel (being honest… Google copied this feature from Microsoft).

If you know Excel and have worked with its Macros, doing with GS is almost the same but of course, the functions are different!


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This tool may help convert the Excel vba to Google Script…

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