Recipes from a list of ingredients

So i have a recipe (its a special type of recipe of course) and atrubutes are selected (choice component) to create this recipe from various sheets. However the ingredients is the part i cannot get right as the user has to be able to choose multiple ingredients and add amounts (a simple % number) from a sepatate sheet of ingredients.

I can get this displaying ( i used inline lists) but i cannot work out how to add a row to the recipe-Ingredients sheet from an add recipe funtion. (recipes ate a list)

I tried to create aseparate function to create the recipe-Ingredients list but that needs a button to add a row and i cannot ad such a button within the add function of the recipe list.

Also the amount of ingredients rows added to a recipe needs to be from 1 to any amount.
Most recipe examples i see have the ingredients just as text, yet that will not work in my situation.
Any help apreciated.

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My immediate thought is that you could associate ingredients with recipes as a joined list, with each recipe occupying a single row in your table.

Might be worth your time looking at the Trebuchet method - it could be useful here.


Is the issue that you need to add NEW ingredients to an ingredient list sheet WHILE you’re creating a new recipe?

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No. Though the ingredients list maybe separately edited.

I need to choose multiple ingredients to add to the recipe with a numerical amount for each ingredient. And this must be able to be done by the any signed in app user.

Each recipe occupies a single row in the recipes table but there is an id reference to the recipe-ingredients table as a column in that table.

That draws ingredients from the ingredients table. Each ingredient will be identified by an id as it’s added to a recipe and there will be several new rows in the recipe-ingredients table with the same I’d.

These rows would them be filtered by the I’d into the recipe

This would need to be done one ingredient at a time, but if I’m following correctly, it’s possible with either a Glide form or a custom “form” screen using user specific columns. Choice components to select the ingredient, number entry (or choice) to select the amount, submit to recipe-ingredient sheet.

Seems straightforward. Am I missing anything?

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I’m using a glide form. I have a list with cards and for the recipes and have shown the add button. But the form somehow does not allow me to add rows to the recipe-ingredients table which is linked to the recipes table. The recipe is more complex than JUST the recipe-ingredients…

Maybe a custom form page…I’ll try that.

Yeah, add button will write directly to the source sheet of that screen. Instead you want to use a form button which becomes available when you switch your layout to “details”.