Recap: Building 12 apps in 12 weeks with Modernizing Processes

How do you build 12 apps in 12 weeks in 12 cities all across Europe? :hot_face:

​Manan Mehta (@Manan_Mehta) is a Glide Expert and the founder of Modernizing Processes, a no-code agency based in India. He’s currently on a trip around Europe building 12 apps in 12 weeks in 12 cities for Project Baarah.

Our Build With Glide session covered:

  • ​How Modernizing Processes uses Glide
  • ​The inception of Project Baarah
  • ​Demos of some apps built so far

Key takeaways:

Modernizing Processes uses Glide to modernize internal operations and save time for businesses.

  • The company has partnered with over 85 global businesses across various industries and saved thousands of hours of time for their clients.
  • They specialize in no-code platforms like Glide to automate processes and streamline operations.
  • Their process includes creating a project architecture, presenting a solution, development, quality assurance, and a scalability roadmap.
  • They build apps for various use cases, including field operations, application tracking, and project management.

The goal of Project Baarah is to showcase how quickly and easily Glide apps can be built, and to inspire more business owners to use technology to save time and streamline operations.

  • Manan’s philosophy is to understand the problem and the logic behind it before making it digital.
  • The trip is also an opportunity for Modernizing Processes to showcase their work and capabilities.
  • The trip is a milestone moment for Manan, who has been working with Glide for over three years.

Thank you to Manan and the Modernizing Processes team for joining us!

Build With Glide is a recurring virtual event series where we demo existing Glide apps or build new apps from scratch. Guests include Glide users, team members, partners, and Experts.

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