Reading Web


I need Math column to be automatically multiple to a number in Website (forex).
$1000 x (number)
which number is in website(4.18).
Is there any ways to do?



Are you asking how to retrieve the data from the website, or are you asking how to do the calculation?

Are you aware that Google Sheets has a currency conversion function?

My question is how to retrieve data from website.
I just know about the currency conversion in google sheet . But still different from the bank I need.

You won’t be able to do that with Glide.
You’ll need to use an external tool or an Apps Script.
I’d check if the banking site has an official API that can be used, otherwise the next option would be screen-scraping. But if you go down that path, I’d advise checking their terms of use, as scraping could be a violation of those.

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