Read pathname as a Variable

Hi there,

I’d like to use the pathname as a variable in my app

For instance.:

We have two options here.:

So that, when I send the link to a customer, my app opens with the “selected” option.
Is it possible? Any Idea?

Tks, Augusto.

The closest thing we have to that is Deep Links.

Tks Darren, but not what I need…

I’d like to choose an option before by the link I send to a customer…
Any further Idea? That’s comon behavior in HTML…


So sort of like a prefilled link? That’s not possible.

Is there a way by using the data editor… ?


No, that’s extracting a part of the URL that you input into the column.

Maybe this…

Ya… glide doesn’t have a way to pre fill forms or fields from url parameters. That would be nice, though!

I’m not sure how I can repost it, or do you mean copy and paste into a new post?

Sorry, my mistake. I thought you had posted it in #regulars, but then I double-checked and realised that you’d posted in #help-how-to

So just ignore me :slight_smile:

Many uses for a functionality like that… menu.restaurant_1 menu.restaurant_2

Any workarround?

Well… well… well… :))

Deep Links works fine in “Detail Screens”, as I could understood…
Brings me a “Giant Link”, but… works…

I’ve made a small video for those who are having difficulties…
You have to pick up the link inside Glide, for a specific “Detail Page”, and then use it… Other insights are appreciatted !!!

Yes, you can grab the deep link either using the action like you did or the URL bar of the browser. It does not solve your “prefill” problem though.

That is a big lack in Glide… but the sofware is really good… very easy to work whith…

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