DEEP LINK is a must!

So many uses… so many flexibility…

Deep linking already exists…
:new: Deep Links


Can I solve that?

Did you look at the post that I linked to?

Hi Darren,
I misunderstood the solution…

  1. How do you have acess to .htacess since it is deployed inside Glide?
  2. How do glide read the pathname so that it can use as a variable…

Sorry, my knowledge does not go as far as yours… :))

The solution offered there involves setting up redirects via your own webserver. Note that it’s not my solution, and I’ve never tried it myself.

Hi @arosauro,
if you do have a custom domain for your Glide app, you most likely have access to the .htaccess file of a subdomain.
I’m using this solution to have links like you were asking in the first place.

My situation: I’m using for the Glide app, for the landing page, and as direkt link the bring customers to the right screen ‘behind’ the default welcome page, as you describe it.

Sure, in in this simple workaround you have to manually change the .htaccess file. So it depends on the number of customers. The next advanced solution would probably be a node server which redirects dynamically.

I’m also using the links in facebook posts and ads, but there, you have to strip the query string which facebook ads to the link, by a special parameter in the htaccess file.


Great !
A final question…
How do you read the path and insert as a variable in Glide?

I Think you gave me a nice solution, tks in advance!

For the time being, I’m not inserting any variable in Glide.
It’s the other way round: you get the deep link by copying the URL of the details screen in the “app mode” (not builder) and put it in the redirect statement of your htaccess file. Better, you have a button on that screen for an Admin user with an action to write the link to your google sheet, then take it from there.
If you want, post your htaccess file and I’ll have a look at it.

This might be useful.


I’ve found a solution here…
Not as clean as expected… but works…
Tks for all.

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