[RandomTeams] Pb with deleting multiple lines and question about the random fonction in Glide

Hey gliders,

So this is an app Random Teams to let the user create an activity in which a group of members (selected from Group A, B, C or D) are split randomly either in a fix number of team (chosen by the user) or in teams with fix number of people (I set the limit of 10 people in a team).

My goal was to try to figure out if without a google sheet, I would have a more clean deletion process. The results is better but there are still “residues” of the deletion made by a multiple repetitive step action and I wonder if there was a way like setting a time before the user is able to trigger another action or between 2 repetitive steps in an action.

If anyone has a way to be sur that a multiple step action is finished before triggering another one or a way to make a pause between 2 steps in that action that would be very helpfull.


PS : the other goal was to understand better the random function in glide in a single action column type. The behaviour of the random function is strange sometimes.

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HI @Marc-Olivier,

Unfortunately I don’t know how to help you. But I am very interested in your topic, since I am also trying to leverage “randomisation” to teach Words to kids.

Target user story:

  • Kids select some criteria, ex. one topic (home, school…) and a difficulty level (1, 2, …)
  • and number of questions per quizz (ex. 5, 10, 20)
  • Then a list of random quizzes appears
  • Kids choose a quizz then run it.

At this stage, in addition to [user] table, I have an [items] tab with key fields being:

  • words (x500)
  • criteria 1
  • criteria 2
  • (usc) criteria 1
  • (usc) criteria 2

Would you have guidances about the best approach to make the random split to create the quizzes ?

Many thanks in advance

Hello @AyS_0908 I found a way since :slight_smile:

From My Experience, you will have to create in the table of your google sheet a random column with the Arrayformula. Since there is a delay btw glide and Google sheet, you are not able to draw random choices in a too close timeframe (1 min or so which for my case was fine).
You could also use the function Rand() with excel formula (code folder):

  1. one column A with Rand(ColumnC) formula
  2. Column B Math column with x set as now
  3. Column C template column with RowId+ColumnB combined

Hope it helps

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Many thanks @Marc-Olivier !

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