Multiple Randomizer - "Draw Someone Who"

Hi there, I’m a brand new user. I want to know if there is any kind of way that Glide can be used to make multiple randomizer. What I want to be able to do is have 3 categories of data- for example, person, place, or thing. The user could then tap maybe a button for Person, and the app picks a random person from the list I created. Then they could maybe tap a button for Place, the app picks a random Place from the list I created. And the same would happen for Thing. Finally, all three final random selections could be shown on a final screen. I’ve been able to create the Google Sheet and have 3 tabs, one each person/place/thing. I just don’t know if I need to run some kind of script or add-on or what to be able to make randomizing work. Is this too advanced or complicated for the features Glide offers?

You can certainly use random information in Sheets to populate Glide:

Fun and Games App

@Robert_Petitto Thank you, I saw your app yesterday which looks amazing by the way. I was wanting something that the user doesn’t input any text. That the app will just pull from the data in the sheets. In my mind, I see something kind of like a slot machine, where the numbers (but text in my case) are random to the user, but the “machine” has all the numbers already. I don’t want to make a slot machine necessarily, but something like that concept of 3 random things.

I could create this for you for sure. Want to provide me a sheet of sample data that you want randomized?

For sure!

Here you go!

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Oh my GOODNESS!! This is better than I could’ve imagined! I love it! Tell me where I can send you a donation for your time! Thank you!

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Hi Candace! A donation isn’t necessary, but if you insist (

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