Random questions


I am trying to build an app to connect pool players locally.
I created a tab that lists players, their picture, a phone number, and area code.
I’m trying to automatically list the area code within the app as the actual city/state.
Curious if anyone has an idea on how this would be done?

Also, wanted people to be able to edit ‘their’ info, but not the info of others.
Does this simply require using some form of login?


When you say area code, do you mean phone area code or zip code?

You will need Public with Email or Whitelist for this:

  1. Create a tab in list view that lists all of the players with editing turned off. This will allow all users to view all players.
  2. Create a second Profile tab in Detail Style view. Add filtering by signed in user and turn on editing. This will allow the user to view and edit only their own profile.

Different editing ability only works at the top tab level. Any deeper and any layout or editing abilities are tied to the sheet throughout the app.

An alternative to the above is to create a duplicate sheet using a formula in the second sheet. ={'SheetName'!A:Z}. The second sheet will be used for a view only tab and the original sheet will be used for a edit tab.

Ahh, I meant zip code, then it’ll show “Boulder, Colorado” or “New York, New York” bc zip codes aren’t as legible or some areas have multiple.
Thank you for #2 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: will do!

Found this regarding zip codes. You’ll probably have to do some sort of scripting to get the city state from the zip code. Otherwise just have you or the user enter the data.