Hello gliders!

I’ve created this brand new app about medical imaging.
It is a box where students, physicians and patients can find a lot of online useful resources about Radiology!
Please take a look and let me know what do you think about


To use this app, you will asked to insert your email. I will never spam you or share your email with anyone and if you wanna I will delete your email from the google sheet where emails will be stored.

In myContacts app you will find Privacy and Terms of Service tabs: read it carefully, please!

About any doubts, write me


Good source of information. I imagine you can add an inline list of “Other items from the same category”, something like that, to make the navigation easier.

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Thanks :blush:

Hi @GioRinaldi, nice app!

I feel you could improve the UX of your home screen. As it is, to navigate the screen and find items, the user must scroll down, scroll right, scroll down, scroll right, scroll down, scroll right, etc. The flow feels a little “jerky” if that makes sense.

I agree with @ThinhDinh: inline list on item screens to navigate to other items in the same category might be an nice feature.


Thanks I will work on it