Quota for barcode linear scanning

Hi Gliders

I am almost through building a nice little customer reward loyalty app for my local independent small business in a small town in South west England who are all struggling with the cost of living crisis. This project is a not for loss thing (I do not mean to make a profit or a loss).

The idea is customers can scan a barcode to collect points and they will then be rewarded with a free coffee after so many purchases etc.

I then read in a forum that there is a quota, but can’t find anything in the site or my account dashboard, anyone have any update for 2023.

Cheers and thanks in advance,

The pricing page outlines the limits for each plan.

You can view general usage in your dashboard.

As for barcode scanning, there is no quota that I’m aware of, but you need at least a Pro plan to utilize the barcode scanning function.

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There used to be a quota on the old plans but as Jeff references, there is no longer a barcode limit. Just consumes an update.