Quickbase vs Glide

I work for a relatively large corporate and I’m trying to get IT to consider adding Glide to an approved list of applications. They are impressed with some example applications I have created but It turns out the company has already approved Quickbase and they simply ask ‘why not make do with Quickbase?’

Since I don’t have any experience of Quick-base - and because I’m keen to keep the Glide application alive - can anybody suggest a list of justifications as to why Glide is worth considering? Ideally things Glide can do that you can’t easily do with Quickbase! Any no-code thoughts are especially welcome!

Thanks in advance…


Hi Simon,

What are you trying to do with Glide?

I don’t have experience with Quickbase, but from their website, it looks like they are not a direct competitor to Glide, but rather to AirTable. I might be wrong, but looks like what they do is not low-code app development (which is what Glide provides) but rather a consolidation of databases and creating user-friendly interfaces for those tables (still tables though)?

Again, never used it but seems like use cases are pretty different? So the better solution will depend on what you want to do =)


I don’t see any competition so far in the market for glide they are a real game-changer from every aspect and easiness and learning curve, the only downside I think is the row limit between QuickBase and Glide

So I’d dig into this and plan based on my data load before taking such a decision

I do different things with Glide. I am more interested in the features that are missing from QuickBase, such as (I’m making this up):

  • No action buttons
  • No link to new screens
  • No graphics
  • No If/Then else logic
  • No visibility logic for screen elements


Update: I was unable to point to any significant benefits of using Glide. Therefore, the company will only support QuickBase. So my journey with a new no code platform begins.

Best of luck!

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Hopefully you will come back and share some of insights as no one will be in a better position to compare than you. All the best

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@Simon_Hill please tell us any insights you have from Quickbase. When I worked with PGA, they started using AppSheet for the same reason and later returned to Glide for better apps and user experience, which led to the case study.

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Yep don’t worry. Once a Glide fan always a Glide fan. I’m going to see what QuickBase is all about and try and build an App or two with it. Definitely happy to report back.

From what I see so far there are a ton of features that make IT feel very safe. URL’s for Apps become limited to internal pathways. Apps in development become super fenced in prior to publishing and require permissions to publish. Usage stats are tightly controlled and user restrictions can be set from internal to external with read and write safeguards. Apps become profiled with forms to detail formulas used to help avoid obsolescence when programmers leave the company. It’s your average nightmare for anyone that loves empowered end user innovation but I can see the attraction for those with accountability. I glean all this without even opening an account yet. And yes, I will need to complete an accredited training before I’m allowed to get going.