Question - Login Screen Customization

Hi All,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to:

  1. Move the terms and condition location to the bottom
  2. Change the color of the “Continue” button (without changing the color for all the rest of the buttons in the app)?

This is what I am trying to achieve:


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This is currently not possible. If glide allowed inserting rich text into the sign-in screen, then changing the color of the button would be possible. However, changing the location of the terms and conditions checkbox is not possible.

Hey ! Thanks for sharing your issue with the community. In order to help you get the most suitable information based on your problem, I’d recommend you to move your topic to #help-how-to category. You may use this category to ask general questions or get help with something from the community.

To answer your question, unfortunately as @Pablo_books mentioned it’s not possible to move the terms and condition location as this is in a « static » text status. Hopefully we will be able in the future to customise the sign-on page.


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I just realized that the #help-how-to category exists! Recategorized.

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Changing the log in screen like this is not possible as @Pablo_books says. Seems to look pretty good as is, but just my opinion :slight_smile:

Yes, I wanted to call it #seekers-of-glide-wisdom, but @JackVaughan wasn’t having any of that :sob: :rofl:


Thanks everyone!

how did you move the email box down?

I didn’t, unfortunately.