Question: Creating a Role Permission Approach

I want to create a permissions system in my app for example. @Robert_Petitto @sardamit @david
Role, Object, Permissions (array column = flag 1, flag 2, flag 3 etc.)

  • Author (role) | Article (object) | Can Create Article, Can View Article (permissions)
  • Author (role) | Category(object) | Can Create Category, Can View Category(permissions)

What I have done so far is to create a related role field in the user table. I can create a lookup on the array field to see all the permissions on field e.g. “flag 1”.

What I have since found out:

  • I cannot create a lookup on an Glide created array column,
  • nor can i use the lookup field created to test for a “contains” condition.

Why this approach and not just use roles, for example I can make dynamic roles or changes to a role permission, so that I need only to test for “Can Create Article” instead of “Author”. This gives me the flexibility to add additional roles without needing to change conditions using the “role” alone.

What I need is the way forward to accomplish testing for the permissions, knowing the limitations above.