Can I assign Permissions to users

I have an inquiry.
can I assign Permissions to users ?

In other words: I have three users of the application, but I do not want anyone to see the data of the other user

Is there a way?

Yes you can, you can create a column called “roles” and assign each user a role, e.g. Admin, Editor, Reader. You can then play with the visibility of the components or editing rights

I want everyone to be “editor” but I don’t want user A to see user B

Can I link permissions to a user’s email?

You can filter the component with visibility components or enable row owners. I recommend you visiting Glide School, you will learn a lot

Because I am new to Glide, can I request a training from an expert ?

Of course, you can, I just sent you a message. Alternatively, you can look at the Expert’s site, we’ll be more than happy to help you

I didn’t get your message
The comments in my application are linked to the name, I want to change their link to ID, if this is possible for you to do, please contact me at (