Question about calculating average

In my case, I need to calculate the average test result of my students. They did the testing 5 time, but som of them just did 4.
If I set the Math as (test1+ test2+ test3+ test4+ test5)/5, for those students who did 5 test the answer is correct, but for those students who did4, it surely wrong, how can I set the Math which can fit both?

The problem isn’t the math column, the problem is choosing dividing by 4 or 5, correct?

What I recommend is using the Make Array column instead of a math column. Select each of the 5 scores as an item in the array. Then use a rollup column → average that’s sourced from the Make Array column.


Hi Alvis,

Can you try:

  1. Creating a relation of your students with their test scores
  2. Doing a lookup on their scores
  3. Doing a roll up count on their scores to find what to average by
  4. Using a math column to average their test scores by the count of how many tests they have completed?

This should give you what you are looking for.

Much easier way of doing it!

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This is how the Robert’s suggestion is going to look like

Exactly. Love the Make Array column :wink:


Thanks for your great example… it’s very helpful :+1:

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