Help needed with setting up a new column that shows the 'average' of some other columns data and a question about the 'comments' feature

Hi all, I hope that you are well. I need some guidance on a problem that I am struggling to solve with my app.

In my app I have data that has the average shown/calculated for the element in a column/row related to the user. There are 5 different columns that I need to show the ‘average’ for the 5 different elements
How can I set up a new column that takes the averages shown in the 5 relevant columns needed (they are not side by side as shown above) and then calculates the average of them all together?

Below is a what I want to achieve - the averages given for each of the 5 elements shown as an overall average. I am able to calculate the individual averages but drawing these together to calculate the ‘overall average’ column from this data is proving difficult for me!

Any help with setting this up will be much appreciated :grinning:

Also, I am trying to use the ‘comments’ element but would like to limit the number shown to 3 or 4 rather than all the comments made, is it possible to limit the number of comments shown on the screen and have a ‘show all’ option?

thanks very much in advance, Simon

Hi @SimonD,

  1. For your app, you can use an “array column”. You can add the 5 columns. After, use a rollup column, find your array column and use average.

  2. Use the comments collection and limit the number of items to 3 or 4

See you

The values highlighted in your screen shot look like Template columns. You won’t be able to average those, as they are strings. But assuming you have the actual numbers in other columns somewhere, then there are a couple of ways to do it:

  • Firstly, just expanding on the suggestion from @Laurent_Maleville, you can use a Make Array column to create an array from your 5 number columns, and then do a Rollup->Average of that column.
  • Another way would be to use a Math column where you simply add the 5 values together and divide by 5, eg: (Abilities + Work Styles + Knowledge + Skills + Resources) / 5

One thing to be aware of is that each of the above methods will handle missing values differently. For example, if one of the values is missing then:

  • the Make Array method will give an average of only those values present, effectively dividing by 4 instead of 5
  • the Math column method will still divide the total by 5, effectively giving a lower average.
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Hi @Laurent_Maleville Thanks so much for the reply. Which type of array column do I need to use? Is it simple to select the 5 columns to add? Apologies I am a ‘novice Glide user’

I have looked at the settings on the comments feature and can’t see where to limit the number of items? Is the comments collection a different feature to the one that I am using? I just added the comments component.
thanks again, Simon

Hi @Darren_Murphy @Laurent_Maleville

Thanks so much, the method of creating a math column and dividing by 5 seems to work!

I would also like to add a calculation for the average of some of my columns. The columns will expand as users are added so is it possible to add a row that shows the average of the columns and adapts to new users as they are added (a static last row I guess) does that make any sense?

Thanks, Simon


Look this video, i try to show you how you can create an array, rollup and maths column → @Darren_Murphy,

See you

Thanks @Laurent_Maleville I think that I have worked out a way to do it. I am also having an issue with my choice buttons…If you have any ideas how to solve this it would be appreciated…

cheers, Simon


Can you share the set up of yours choice components?

You can point both of the choice components at the same column and it will work. The message is merely a warning letting you know two components share the same target.


Hi @Laurent_Maleville here is the set up for both the buttons. They are both set up the same way using the same data (numbers 1-10) but it only lets the numbers 6-10 be selected and takes the ‘done/submit’ option away when a number from 1-5 is selected

Hey @SimonD,

First, with this view, i think you use the same column for “the source” and for “Write to”. If is the case, make another column for save the choice.
Secondly, may be you have any options to visibility… but i can’t see here.

Hi @Laurent_Maleville I think I worked something out by creating 2 data columns to use, 1-5 and 6-10 and then leaving the choice ‘chips’ as not ‘required’ this seems to work ok, thanks for the advice though buddy :grinning:

I still cant limit the items in the ‘comments’ feature…

You’re welcome
For comments, you use a “classic app”, you don’t have the possibility of limit. You can make this with the Glide app (ex Glide Pages) with the Comment collections.

Hi @Laurent_Maleville

I can’t even see the ‘collections’ section? Is that to do with the plan that I am on with Glide?

This is the new version of Glide, you’re using the “old version” called Classic Apps.
Now when you create a new project, you’re on the new version. It has nothing to do with your plan.

Ah I see, so can I transfer this app to the ‘new version’? Is there a way of doing this without having to start over?

Thanks Simon

You can create a new project with your data BUT you’ll must make the layout.
I suggest to you to transfer your app to the new version. It’s a lot of work may be, but it’s worth it.

That still sounds incorrect though. You should have both of them pointed to only one column, and have both components as required (for aesthetic purposes on the front end).

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