🆕 Query column!

This request has been brought to life.

See Mark’s video here.


It’s AMAZING. This is going to reduce so many columns when creating “conditional relations”.

After playing around with this, the first thing I learned is that the output is ALWAYS a “multiple relation”.

Going to be huge in the world of gamification!


Please share videos if you want here, we would love to see your applications :wink:

So bad I don’t use glide rows anymore :wink: That would be useful a year ago… now I do everything with Java… but a nice feature for a small database.

First thing that came to mind…before this took either a complicated series of array columns or a tedious/static if then else column:

The this row filter is going to be MAGICAL! :sparkles:


Where do you get this Query column… I can’t find it… only in Staging?

Yes, I stated that in the title.

Edit: It’s now in production!


Rookie question: who has access to stuff like this in staging?

(I have a pro account and have signed up for developmental stuff like integrations)

Anyone and everyone has access, just go to https://staging.heyglide.com/

Because it’s a staging environment, the usual caveats apply. ie. nothing is guaranteed to work, and stuff that is working can break at any time without notice.


Just signed up for staging.heyglide…


I do not see query. It seemed to be above relation in Mark’s demo. Do I have to upgrade an account or …?


But ‘So bad I don’t use glide rows anymore’ ?

Nope… only JSON :wink:

So you won’t be really interested in ‘Where do you get this Query column’ I assume?

Oh… no, sometimes I have small apps under 500 rows… so that can be useful :wink:

Mark, you say it’s a “little feature”, maybe this was said tongue in cheek. This feels like a big deal. Thank you so much for developing this.


Have you enabled it in previews on the team level?




Nope. I signed up for the beta which showed integrations. Will try this now - thanks for the tip!

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It’s already in production now, if you want to test it there, instead of staging. Please go through the same flow of enabling it in Previews.

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Done - thanks again!

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Greaaaaaaat news!!! I just deleted about 50 template columns from my apps thanks to new query column. I love you guys!!!