QR Code switching from old app to new app

It just occurred to me that it’s possible I may lose my QR code for my app once I migrate from the old app to the new pages app.

Is that the case? Is there any way to keep it? Or somehow forward it to the new app (it will be the same domain address).

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on marketing materials with the QR code on it that will now be completely wasted if I lose it.

QR codes are nothing more than text encoded as splotches of black and white in a particular pattern. Any QR code reader can turn it back into readable test. In this case it’s just an encoded version of a url. If that encoded url is your custom domain, then there is nothing to worry about. If it’s referring to the glideapp.io domain then you would have a problem.

QR codes are not linked to some internal Glide processing that’s required to work. It’s just a bunch of text in the end.

For example, this is your name as a QR code. Any QR code reader can read it and turn it back into your name.

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OK i’m trying to get it lol.

I’m using the QR code that came standard with the old glide apps…

Currently it’s connected to the custom domain ververy.app, (but I think it was originally connected glideapp.io domain) and I’m going to be switching ververy.app to the new pages app.

So i’m still not sure what that means in the context of what you explained haha

When you scan that url it simply gives you your app’s url. If I recall in classic apps, that qr code changes depending on if you navigate to your app using the Glide domain or the custom domain.

The QR code is literally the url. That’s it. QR codes are nothing special. It’s not a magic key that Glide holds to your website. It literally IS the url to your website. You could go to any of the thousands of QR code generator websites out there, type in your url, and it should give you the exact same QR code.

Want a QR code for your app with a dinosaur? Here it is.

Want a QR code with your logo in it and hearts. Here’s that too.

At the end of the day it’s all the same. Splotches turned into a text version of your url. If your marketing contains the QR code that translates to your custom domain, then nothing needs to change because your custom domain url is not changing.


LOL ok perfect thank you for explaining that to me!!!

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