Can you edit the web address for the app?

I had an old app that I had to transfer to a team. When I did, the address of the app changed. We have the qr code/web address on a number of printed publications. Is there any way to direct the new app back to the old QR code?

Change be the address.


This took me out to a custom domain. It did not allow me to enter the… address of the old app. Did I miss a step or am I getting the address from the wrong place? I took it from the share/copy link off the old app.

You should only need the part before ‘’ or ‘’. Not sure what you are trying to do with the ‘’ address, because that’s the address for the builder. Not your app.

You would first have to change your old app so it doesn’t contain the current url. This frees up the url so you can apply it to your new app.

You mention “custom domain”. Do you actually have a custom domain through a third party registrar, like your own dot com address, or something similar? Or are you referring to the glide url with a custom subdomain?


It looks like the problem has resolved itself. Thank you for your explanation. I will keep that in mind as I convert a couple other apps. Thanks again.

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