QR code referral system

I am working with a company that wants an app to allow users to order health items/services similar to Uber Eats. Sort of on demand delivery but its geared towards hangover recovery, likely people will schedule a delivery for the following morning. They want to give users the ability to share the app to new potential customers via a QR code -IE the QR code leads you to onboarding and you make your own account. The only catch is they want the app to keep a log that will associate the user who shares the app to the new users account. They want use the account association log to build a type of token system every time a user that you brought to the app via your QR code makes a purchase a token is generated to your account, get enough tokens and you can exchange that for money. Basically they want to incentivize people to spread the app by giving a percentage of sales to anyone who brings people to the app that will become customers.

Is this something that’s possible? Highly open to any and all suggestions! They really want the referral system to be seamless not like “Hey, when you make an account and buy something don’t forget to enter my referral code” they want it to function like “scan this code to sign up” and the new user never even really knows user A will get a commission off of their purchases

I do have budget for this project too if someone has a solution but the solution would fall more into the realm of consultancy

Yep, it can be done with Glide… :wink:

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You might get some inspiration from this.