AFFILIATE MARKETING for Personal Glideapp

Hello experts I would love your help with an affiliation program that would work with light ups. I currently sell a subscription for a glide up that I created and now I would like to provide affiliate marketing opportunities to other coaches looking to expand their net work. Any ideas on what works with glide as far as affiliate marketing is concern? Thank you so much

Hello @Pasco_Valana,

If you’re after info about our affiliate program, there’s more info here:

Glide • Affiliate program

Here’s how I imagine it (without trying it so far):

  1. Build a list with random codes that are easy to type
  2. When somebody joins the program, a unique code is assigned
  3. The code has to be transferred manually e.g. via email or QR to the new customer
  4. New customer buys a sub and enters the code for a discount (coupon like)
  5. Checkout has to accept the discount
  6. Build table relationships to show referrers their numbers, how often their code is used
  7. Set up Zapier for email notifications
  8. Bonus: Whenever a referral is done e.g. a discount for the referrer is created (tricky)

Thank you!!

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Thank you so much Christian can you help