Affiliate Marketplace?

Hello experts, it has been a couple of years since I’ve stepped into Glide Apps Land.

We are at a point where we are building a network of affiliates to help us contact, promote and sell our education materials to our lists.

Perhaps if I write out the gist of how we envision this working out for us, some of you can point me in the direction of the appropriate template(s)? Here it goes:

  • We have 100 affiliates (each needs their own dashboard and affiliate link so we can track which one of them sold the product so we can pay them their 50% commission)

  • Each affiliate gets a list of 300 prospects to contact so their 300 prospects need to be seen only by them.

  • Each affiliate’s prospect list needs to be plugged into a pipeline so that the affiliate knows who they contacted, who they have left to contact, who purchased etc.

  • We as the company need to have an admin dashboard to see which affiliates are selling, which leads they are calling, emailing or texting.

  • We need the affiliates to be able to call out, text or email so maybe we need to zapier with other apps???

  • We can connect with stripe . Not sure if stripe connect works to pay out but I do know stripe approves of link mink which works with affiliate payouts/commissions.

  • So far this is the bare minimum we need.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I look forward to some creative ideas.

There is quite a bit in that, but it all looks mostly doable. Have you considered engaging with a Glide Expert/Agency to build it out for you?


@Darren_Murphy not yet. From what I’m seeing it will be a version of Glide Templates | Field Sales | Create a No Code App

But with stripe and affiliate payout integrations.

Do you know if stripe connect works with glide yet?? Thanks Darren.

You are better off building it from scratch

The major concern here will be the prospects table. (300 x 100 = 30000 rows) … you could use row owners which limit the view to 300 rows for the affiliates.

But for the admin, need to confirm if Glide is allowing to go above limit in rows & also need to make sure computed columns are at the minimum in every row to avoid app performance issues

@abdo Looks like the enterprise version will solve that last issue… But I see what you’re saying. I appreciate that.

@abdo also the mid-grade allows up to 100,000 we see here