Affiliate Program

How to add an affiliate program to your app?

You will have to manipulate data in Google Sheets more than you do in Glide for this use case.

Besides, it will depend a lot on your Affiliate links, reporting, etc.

Can anyone please reply to this and provide more perspectives on how to insert an example of an affiliate link into glide app? Perhaps you have a video of how to do this?

I’m thinking you just create an image linking to your affiliate link. If you want to know how many clicks are happening on that specific image, maybe the increment glide formula might work? I haven’t used it, but I know it can be used to count actions like clicks.

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CAn you share what you did to get yours to work from the Google sheet and the affiliate software you are using

I had a client implement an affiliate program using zapier to connect Rebrandly to generate a user link each time a new user registered. Users can share the Rebrandly link as their own affiliate link and you can track the clicks their referring in the Rebrandly dashboard.

You could also add a field for users to add the user that referred them, then do a rollup in Glide on that column to count how many times a user is referring other users.


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Can you post the steps or can I purchase the steps from you?


Which method would you want to do? Both?

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I have an app that I want to create an affiliate link every time someone signs up, so they have their own and I can track the affiliate for payment.

Can we use this process for that?

I can purchase the steps from you



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How do I pay for your services?

increment glide formula works perfectly

where do I find a video on the increment glide formula

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