Q&A App - Use template to start or start from scratch

Hello! I’m Francois based in western Canada (originally from Eastern Canada).

I work in technical sales (started in Network Infrastructure) and would like to build a Q&A app for people new to Tech Sales.

-It is not meant to be a community.
-Simple ability to ask a question and have one or multiple people answer
-This is my thoughts for version 1

For version 2, I would like to build a dashboard that includes:
-Most popular categories of questions
-Who’s answered the most questions
-Who’s asked the most questions

Version 3
-rewards/points for answering X number of questions
-rewards/points for asking X number or questions
-individual dashboard

Would you recommend using a template to start, or building this from scratch?

Appreciate any & all feedback!

You can start this from scratch to understand more about the power of Glide, if you are not in a hurry to get this done.

All points above can be addressed, let us know if you need help.


Thank you for the feedback @ThinhDinh

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