Make a FAQ section in glide

Can anybody help me, I want to know how to proceed if I want to make a FAQ tab in my glide app?

Many different ways to approach this, and it all depends on how you want to present it.
Probably the simplest approach would be to create a table with two columns - one for questions and one for answers. And then present that as an Inline List.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Can you tell me other approaches too?

I have a better idea.
You tell me what you would like it to look like - maybe make a mockup?
And I’ll tell you how (or if) that will be possible.

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Okay so, Firstly I have some basic questions and there answers, if anybody has a question from those then the respective person should be able to select that question and the answer will show up, secondly if there are some questions that are not there in that list then the respective person should be able to type it out … something like this

Okay, so you want to allow your users to contribute new questions and answers, yes?

That’s easy enough, just do the same thing but allow Editing and Adding new items.

My advice - just start doing it. As you go along you’ll learn and discover new things, and maybe you’ll get stuck with some things. When you do, come back and ask specific questions and there are any number of folks here that will be willing to help and guide you.


yes, thank you:)