Push Notifications When Items Become Visible?

I have several tabs that flow into each other based on certain visibility parameters. When one piece of data is changed via a button or check list the item disappears from one tab and shows up in another tab. This helps our group with determining at what stage each item is at at any given time. I would like users to be notified when a change is made that allows items to be shown in a tab. These are not new items, but rather data changes that allow these items to become visible. Is a push notification possible for these types of data/visibility changes? If not, what would be a good work around to ensure that team members are updated when changes are made?

Edit: As a side note if Robert reads this, I have your chat template and it would be nice if I could enable push notifications for new messages. Is this possible?

A button will allow you to have a custom action where you can string multiple actions together. The first action would change the item status, and then the second action could send the notification.

You will not be able to attach an action to a checkbox be checked.

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Thanks Jeff, that helps significantly. I can go back and add buttons where needed. Not all of the checklist actions need to send notifications so I’ll just replace the ones that do. Thanks!

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Please also note that there’s an ongoing bug with push notifications, so it might not work correctly for the time being. The team is working on a fix.