Push notifications + link to screen

Is there any update on when this will be working properly?

Currently it just takes users to the home screen which can be quite annoying if the screen in question is deep in the app.

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Agree that this isn’t working. @Robert_Petitto has raised the issue to the team.

Is there any ETA? This bug has been around for a while

I don’t have any updates.


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Added to bug’s list :writing_hand:

Anyone have any simple ways to reproduce this?

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Seems like it’s an issue navigating to installed apps with deep links on iOS only.

That feature is currently not support on iOS iOS PWA Compatibility - firt.dev (see link capture)


Ah I don’t quite follow? Does that mean that a push notif can only the PWA but that’s as far as it goes?

What about a push notification with custom message (and default link)? So far I don’t see any custom messages working either within the notification.

Custom messages work fine for me - I’ve got quite a few notifications set up with the Template column, example attached here.

Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 11.43.06

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Would you mind showing an image that shows how you set up your push notification so that the template ‘Has just joined’ gets inserted into the final notification?

I just can’t seem to trigger content within the notification message!

(does work)

Of course :slight_smile:
So as you can see, I’m using templates for both the Title and Message.

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I’m doing something similar. Does your notification have a title and message when you see it appear on your phone? Are you using Android or iPhone? My iPhone does not show either…

Yep! I’m an iPhone user and the notification comes up exactly as specified with the title and message (minus the link taking me to where I want to go).

Is your iOS software up to date? And have you “downloaded the app” (i.e. added to home screen)?

Yes to both!!

Ahhh I’m sorry! Try reporting it as a bug in another thread with screenshots of what your notifications appear as. Hopefully someone will be able to be of more help

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I found the fix to my issue. It was in my IOS settings - you have to enable notification preview.

If this isn’t enabled by default on most phones I guess it calls into question the value of a generic looking app notification

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So glad you got to the bottom of this Simon!

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Having the same issue but the settings in iOS and iPad OS are correct. For notifications that don’t use a template, I see the preview accurately. For notifications that use a template, not notification preview is visible. And the screen link doesn’t launch the app, but takes the user to the browser and requires the user to login again. Not a good experience.

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Any update on buggy push notifications?

I know that not all app users (myself included) are getting all notifications that are fired out but they’re contributing to my usage…